BlockWork is an online game.


You gain resources, collect items, build something to live in to defend against creatures called "Blokz".


Combining is BlockWork's version of crafting.


Similar to Minecraft, on the main menu, there is a piece of text that says a randomly-chosen sentance.

Text Number
Grand Opening! 1
Adventures! 2
Fish is awesome. 3
Placin' blocks like there's no tommorow. 4
9 dots, 4 lines. Science! 5
Fan-fictions! 6
Glass shards, or crystal shards? 7
Updates, always common. 8
Juice! 9
Travel across the treetops. 10
Plates! 11
Football! 12
Beware of the Blokz! 13
Mustard of doom! 14
UFO Attack! 15
Upside-Down! 16
Haha! 17
Deal with it. 18
Another UFO Attack! 19
My kingdom! 20
Do it! 21
TNT! 22
The dungeon has a lot of stone... 23
Pretty much a rip-off of Minecraft 24
I found something funnier then 24. 25
Dig, dig, dig. 26


There is a secret boss named Zarcoal, who created the Zarcoaliam. He is very hard to defeat, as he has 999,999,999 health points, the maximum points of health you can possibly get.


(List incomplete)