BuildWorld is a multi-player online game.


The BuildNetwork is a network in which players can interact with each-other, going to player's worlds. Is it also how to get to multi-player.


Rank ColorsEdit

Each world has colors for each rank.

Player: Yellow

Member: Green

Builder: Orange

Mini-Admin: Light Blue

Admin: Blue

Co-Owner: Purple

Owner: Black

Becoming RanksEdit

Here are the requirements to become a rank.

Player: Default

Member: Play for 5 hours.

Builder: Build something and have an admin view it and rate it.

Mini-Admin: Help admins.

Admin: Have a Co-Owner approve you as an Admin.

Co-Owner: Have the Owner approve you as a Co-Owner.

Owner: Create the world.

Changing ColorsEdit

To change the colors, you must be an Admin, Co-Owner or Owner. You have to go to the Admin's Menu. Then, click the "Colors" button. Then you will see a color slider. Slide the crosshair to the color you want and click "Save", and then "Quit".


Worlds are places you create, you can play Single-Player or Multi-Player in them.