ROBLOXia Universe is a fanon online virtual game, and a spin-off of the online game ROBLOX.


Darkblox surrounds ROBLOXia in darkness, so you must go on an adventure to find all five Emerald Blocks in order to defeat the darkness.


Plastik: The first boss who is a giant plastic cube. To defeat it, you must climb the rocks and jump on it three times.

Lava-Blox: The second boss who lives in a giant volcano. To defeat it, you must jump on the rocks it spits out at you and fire them back, repeat three times.

Cold-Blox: The third boss who lives in a giant ice cave. To defeat it, you must jump on the ice it shoots at you and fire them back, similar to Lava-Blox. Repeat three times.

Electro: The fourth boss who is a floating metal ball. It shoots electricity at you. To defeat it, you must go to the metal wall and when Electro fires electricity at you, quickly jump, the electricity should hit the shield and fire back at Electro. Repeat three times.

Darkblox (first phrase): The fifth and final boss. To defeat him, avoid the darkness beams he shoots at you, and eventually a chunk of the wall will fall down. Go to the chunk of the wall and when Darkblox shoots a darkness beam at you, quickly jump. The darkness beam should bounce and hit Darkblox. Repeat three times. After that, he will get a machine and go to the second phrase of the battle.

Darkblox (second phrase): To destroy the machine, you must climb the platforms and jump on the glass dome protecting Darkblox. Repeat five times. Eventually, the machine will explode and Darkblox will be defeated.