The Big Mix-Up 2 is the sequel to "The Big Mix-Up".


Zoxwio returns and collides the dimensions again to create his own universe. But this time, the Light Sword is broken. Now, you, the player, must find the five "Light Emeralds", and combine them together, to create a new Light Sword.


There are 100 tracks.

A New Adventure/Title Screen Music
Creating a Profile
Selecting a Profile
The Beginning
Wilfre is There
Shadow Showdown
The Robot of Darkness
D.A.R.K. Battle
Darkness Dimension
Outside Zoxwio's Castle
Zoxwio's Castle
The Might of the Light
Dimensional Duel/Zoxwio Battle
The Great Castle Escape
One Last Goodbye/When Will I See You Again
The End/Credits Song


  • The castle escape is similar to Super Meat Boy's castle escape.