The Man's Machine is a fanon video game based off the fanon Nickelodeon series "The Man". It was released one month after the series finale of the show. It is released on the Nintendo 3DS.


The Boy is relaxing in his home, when suddenly a figure comes in the house and talks to The Boy. The figure reveals himself to be The Figure, who holds the title of The Man. The Boy feels relaxed, and The Figure tells him Zark is up to something no good. The Boy asks who Zark is, and The Figure responds. The Boy then goes out on an adventure.

During the adventure, the "seasons" of the game progress.

At the final battle, a scene from the final episode occurs where Zark is punching a rock that The Boy is behind. The rock then breaks, and The Boy hides behind a much bigger rock, which Zark breaks. A giant boulder on top of the rock comes crushing Zark. Zark breaks the boulder, and red lines run across his robe. Eventually, the red lines engulf Zark, and reveals himself to be Zxaro, The Boy's brother. The Boy and Zxaro talk, and then the scene is over. Zxaro then pulls out a machine and reveals "The Figure isn't The Man, I am The Man!" Zxaro then fights The Boy until The Boy is defeated. Zxaro then goes on to say "Oh, look at you, destroyed in courage and strength. Titles, machines... should they come to this? Yes, they should, and I will destroy all with the tip of my fingers, BROTHER!". Zxaro then starts to drain energy from everything.

The Figure then arrives, and distracts Zxaro. The energy is restored, and The Boy wakes up, and fights Zxaro again.


Offical artwork of Zxaro's Machine.

Eventually, Zxaro is defeated, and the ending scene and credits are shown. In bold, the word "The End" is shown.

The game then takes you to the title screen.