Zaizon (pronounced "Zay-zin") is the main antagonist of the "Kreaturez" series.




Zaizon was born in Antartica, where it was very hard to survive. Zaizon was often very hungry and tired.


Zaizon has always dreamed of owning a Kreature, but it was so cold, and there were few Kreatures in Antartica. Zaizon was also a very smart person. Zaizon still believed he can own a Kreature. Eventually, Zaizon gave up on owning a Kreature, and left Antartica.

Zaizon was cold and hungry, and accidently fell into a hole. Inside the hole he became dark, evil and twisted, and planned to destroy the Kreatures so that people can know what it felt like. He made the hole his lair, and vowed revenge on the Kreatures.


Zaizon accidently drank an in-complete, abandoned potion he created, and became a deformed shadow creature, now able to make Shadow Kreatures and portals. Zaizon finally revealed himself from the hole/lab and spread his evil everywhere, and now the main protagonist of the series (Anthony) has to stop Zaizon's evil wrath.


  • Do you they would save you, when you can't even save them?
  • Listen, boy, don't you trust me? I'm innocent, and you know that.
  • You fools! You actually fell for it! Now begins universal domination!
  • Gah! Taste my fury! I don't care anymore! I JUST WANT YOU OBLITERATED!
  • I failed... NO! Today... was a failure...
  • What are you doing?!
  • Relax. Everything will be shadows soon.


  • Zaizon is furious when people mis-pronounce his name.
  • Zaizon is based on Wilfre from the Drawn to Life series.